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We’re incredibly pleased to announce that we have now completed the TCosy retrofit on King Street, Great Yarmouth, giving a 1950’s block of flats a brand new look, and dramatically increasing energy performance and quality of life for the residents.

Working in partnership with Oxford Brookes University and Enhabit, we have performed a successful deep retrofit on the property, providing a new super insulated envelope around the whole building, MVHR units into every flat and new triple-glazed, Passivhaus standard windows. Residents were able to remain at home for the duration of the works.

We’ve already seen how successful it has been in the fact that residents have not had to use their heating at all over the Christmas period, even on the coldest days. We anticipate an 80% reduction in heating demand going forward, helping to lift the residents out of fuel poverty.

Handover to clients was completed in December and we look forward to seeing how the retrofit performs over the next year.


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