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Clive Lewis MP, left, with Ron Beattie

We are excited to announce the launch of our new modular factory at the Carrow Works site in Norwich, delivering Passivhaus standard modular homes. We were happy to welcome local MP Clive Lewis to visit and tour the new site, and from our new home will be able to greatly ramp up production of our signature Passivhaus standard modular homes for clients across the UK, creating 80+ new jobs in the process, ranging from apprentices and carpenters to factory managers and other support roles.

Work has already begun on the first wave of 150+ modular pods for multiple clients throughout the UK with many of these going to clients in Wales. We are passionate about skills development and training, therefore all employees undergo a rigorous training programme to build the necessary skills to deliver Passivhaus standard housing. We are not only providing a positive impact on the local community through significant employment but are also sourcing materials and subcontract suppliers for the modular homes from local supply chains wherever possible. These factors combined are leading to positive economic and social benefits for the local community.

The factory will be manufacturing our Haus4 range of products, from Haus4Studio’s, Haus4one and Haus4two through to 1, 2- and 3-bedroom volumetric apartments. The Haus4 range offers modular, relocatable homes that can meet the clients immediate housing requirements, whilst delivering both the exceptional performance of Passivhaus and the higher quality of a Beattie Passive build. We have seen a considerable increase in demand for our Haus4 range since the outbreak of Covid-19, due to the increasing pressure on Housing Association and Councils to find housing solutions for the growing homelessness population.

Clive Lewis MP on the factory floor with Managing Director Ron Beattie and Production Operations Manager Corey Jones

Ron Beattie, Managing Director, said “Following considerable time and investment in R&D we are delighted to have moved to a larger facility to start delivering our modular solution at scale. This is the first of a number of large scale Beattie Passive factories across the UK and we are excited for the opportunity to not only deliver high quality Passivhaus standard housing at scale but also for the employment, training and positive economic and social benefits this will bring to the local areas”.

Welsh Government Cabinet Member for Housing and Communities, Cllr Lynda Thorne, said: “The Council is extremely pleased to be working with Beattie Passive to provide innovative and sustainable solutions to help tackle housing need in the city.”

“We’ve made excellent progress in supporting people who’ve been homeless over the last few months and our vision for services for the future is now taking shape very quickly. Beattie Passive’s modular solutions provide a fast and effective response for our plans, including provision for a potential increase in family homelessness.”

“The flexibility of this fully demountable system means they can be moved elsewhere in the future if required, enabling us to respond to changing housing need over time.”


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