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Beattie Passive school classrooms

Passivhaus System

The Beattie Passive classroom is a flexible, cost-effective solution to temporary or long-term planning, providing significant environmental benefits with a reduction of both CO2 emissions and space heating by 80%.

Improved Learning Environment

Passive classrooms are significantly more healthy teaching and learning environments than conventional classrooms. When positioned correctly, the natural light offers a more conducive learning space and with a Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) system, the CO² levels are reduced to around 1000ppm, well below the government's recommended level of 1500ppm.

The MVHR system also removes airborne irritants from the incoming air, as well as providing a fresh "spring-like" quality to every school day. Passive shading, in conjunction with high-performing windows and the MVHR system, ensures a comfortable year-round temperature of around 20°C.

Modular solutions for rapid deployment

The Beattie Passive classroom is a fully modular solution, adapted from our Haus4 range to suit your capacity needs. These flexible units can be built to accommodate any class size and are built to completion offsite and delivered where needed. The lightweight foundation requirements combined with fast connections to services means your new classroom can be up and running in a matter of hours. Delivering a complete, Passivhaus classroom ready to go with minimal disruption to your normal activity, and no hassle.

Key benefits

  • Reduction of both CO² and space heating by 90%
  • Improved learning environment
  • High quality, high performance units considered as a strong alternative to temporary classroom accommodation
  • Depending on design, purchase cost should equate to between three- and five-years’ hire/lease costs
  • Vastly reduced running costs
  • Permanent yet moveable structure
  • Long-term asset

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Passive School classrooms

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