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Beattie Passive modular range

Beattie Passive has pioneered a new range of highly flexible, energy efficient modular homes of various designs. With 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom options available, our modular range is perfect for single-persons as well as families, and with a variety of aesthetic finishes available, ranging from clean, contemporary designs to traditional Georgian styles, you are sure to find a solution to suit your size and style needs that can also reach net-zero carbon.

Beattie Passive is the first company to combine off-site construction methods with a Passivhaus Institute certified complete build system, and as such are the only company in the UK able to deliver modular, Passivhaus-standard homes at a scale and pace never seen before - Beattie Passive are revolutionising homebuilding in the UK and providing the future of housing today.

By choosing our modular range you will get all of the regular benefits of a Beattie Passive build:

  • Up to 80% reduction in heating requirements
  • Superior levels of fire safety, sound-proofing, thermal efficiency and airtightness
  • Radon gas protection built in as standard
  • Easy addition of renewables to cut CO2 emissions by as much as 100%
  • Fast completion in our factory and on site
  • Built for a 60+ year lifespan
  • Stringent independent testing upon completion to ensure standards are met.

Explore our modular range:

Dr Fiest


Built to the Passivhaus standard with all the additional benefits of a Beattie Passive build, these 72m2 detached one-bedroom homes are the perfect housing solution for smaller plots or infill sites. These homes come with a choice of roof types and external cladding.

Dr Fiest


Manufactured as either a two-bedroom (86m2) or a three-bedroom home (100m2), the Challenger can be built as a standalone semi-detached house, whilst it’s design also makes it ideal for a terraced development. Large Passivhaus-standard windows at the front ensure maximum solar gains and the large living room and bedrooms provide a generously sized living space for residents. The Challenger can achieve Passive-certification and reach net-Zero carbon.

Dr Fiest


Discovery comes as either a two-bedroom (86m2) or three-bedroom (100m2) semi-detached home. The pitched roof makes the inclusion of additional solar panels easy, and combined with a brick-render and Steni facade the Discovery offers the opportunity to discover Passivhaus living in a traditional looking home with a clean, modern aesthetic that can fit into any urban or rural setting. The Discovery can achieve Passive-certification and reach net-Zero carbon.

Dr Fiest


Built as either two-bedroom (86m2) or three-bedroom homes (100m2), these semi-detached homes provide a clean, modern aesthetic. Like all our semi-detached and terraced properties, the sound proofing between dwellings that is six times better than traditional building regulations, providing a tranquil environment to live in. Gemini homes come finished with a Steni and Teckwood cladding and a flat roof. The Gemini can achieve Passive-certification and reach net-Zero carbon.

Dr Fiest


With generously sized bedrooms and a large living area, these 86m2 two-bedroom bungalows are extremely versatile. The Horizon can be used in a variety of situations, from providing additional living space for elderly relatives or as emergency homeless accommodation for small families. The Horizon can reach low energy building certification with the addition of renewables.

Dr Fiest


Built using your choice of a mix of one-bedroom (54m2), two-bedroom (72m2) or three-bedroom (86m2) apartments, the Enterprise apartment blocks offer the ultimate flexibility to meet your housing needs. All flats are built to turnkey in our modular factory and delivered to site, where they can be stacked to create instant apartment blocks. What’s more, each unit is completely relocatable and reconfigurable to meet your changing needs in the future. Balconies can be fitted on site as desired, and a variety of cladding finishes are available. These can achieve Passivhaus certification and reach zero-carbon with the easy addition of renewables such as solar panels and air source heat pumps.

Dr Fiest


Built using rigid symmetry in building mass as well as window and door placement, the Galatea offers a more traditional Georgian-style aesthetic that disguises a highly efficient Passivhaus home. Built using your choice of a mix of two-bedroom (72m2) or three-bedroom (86m2) houses, Galatea is a flexible design that can be built either as a standalone home or as part of a terraced development. The Galatea can achieve Passive-certification and reach net-Zero carbon.

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Recent Passive House projects


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