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Haus4 range - Passivhaus standard relocatable housing

Providing a fast, effective and flexible Passivhaus solution to meet your temporary housing needs

Passivhaus System

Designed as a superior product for councils, housing associations and developers, our Haus4 range offers modular, relocatable homes that can meet your immediate housing requirements, whilst delivering both the exceptional performance of Passivhaus and the higher quality of a Beattie Passive build.

Haus4 range has a lightweight structure that is built for a 60+ year lifespan. As with all our builds, every unit undergoes rigorous testing and certification to ensure that our superior standards and performance are delivered. They are manufactured offsite to turnkey, delivered to where they are needed most, and installed ready for occupation within hours – fast connections to mains or temporary services and minimal foundation requirements make the Haus4 range an ideal solution to meet your immediate housing needs.

Our Haus4 range offers:

  • Passivhaus standards and the all the benefits of Beattie Passive
  • Fast connections to main or temporary services
  • Lightweight foundation requirements
  • Relocatable without major structural alteration
  • Minimal energy demand, possibly 100% off-grid
  • Built for a 60+ year lifespan

Who is it for?

  • Haus4 range is for Councils, Housing Associations, Institutions and Developers who are needing to provide high quality housing for temporary residents as well as those looking for a flexible and fast build system that still boasts the high quality and Passivhaus performance of a Beattie Passive Build.
  • The Haus4 range have multiple uses for example providing housing to respond to the growing homelessness crisis in the UK, accommodation for military personnel during deployment, as well as providing overflow accommodation for hospitals and care homes during busy times.
  • In addition, the contemporary build lends itself to additional family accommodation and holiday homes.

Find the Haus4you:






Watch the Haus4One video from Beattie Passive


Watch David Wilton from TPAS Cymru showcasing the Haus4one


Beattie Passive’s Haus4One

Julie James, Minister for Housing and Local Government for Wales, opening our first Haus4 product, Haus4one, at CIH TAI 2019.

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