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Beattie Passive Flying Factory

Passivhaus System

The Beattie Passive Flying Factory is the perfect base to begin your volume building project. The offering enables the provision of an offsite base where high quality, Passivhaus homes can be manufactured without the high cost setup of a traditional offsite factory.

Who is it for?

The Flying Factory offering is perfect for Housing Associations, Councils, CLTs and Developers wanting to offer Passivhaus standard homes to their residents.

How It Works

Beattie Passive will provide you and your in-house team with all the training and knowledge you need to begin working with your own Flying Factory. Supporting your local assembly and training / employment scheme.

The training package consists of 6 weeks of hands-on training time.

Your build team will spend the first two weeks with the Beattie Passive Training team at our main manufacturing base, to develop their skills and knowledge in all elements of the Beattie Passive system. During those initial weeks your team will build a 120m2 Beattie Passive house, providing an in-depth understanding of all elements of the build.

Following this, our Factory Expert will assist you on setting up your Beattie Passive Flying Factory. This can be in your existing facilities or in offsite portable units.

The final three weeks of training take place on site and are aligned to the erection of your first Beattie Passive home. Our Trainer will advise your team as they erect the building, helping them through all the main stages of the Beattie Passive build.

Our knowledgeable team of experts will continue to support you providing advice, training, guidance, innovations and process improvements – this will ensure that new improvements and innovation are passed onto your team to continuously improve the quality and performance of the system, improve efficiency of factory operations and share new innovations.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to building Beattie Passive homes with the Flying Factory offering, including:

  • Local labour and supply chains can be utilised
  • Set up close by or on the construction site, resulting in lower transport costs
  • Minimal factory set up costs, making offsite construction affordable for all
  • Easily and affordably relocated, scaled up, down or mothballed to align with your demand and build schedule
  • Provides an ideal base to support the training of unskilled people in the skills of carpentry and construction

“Fascinating visit to Beattie Passive in Bicester last week to see how they are building Passivhaus homes in a ‘Flying Factory’, allowing homes from self-build to social housing to be built with cost, time, health and environmental benefits.”

Rebecca Evans
Minister for Housing and Regeneration, Wales


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Recent Passive House projects


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