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Beattie Passive works closely with Architects and their clients to turn a much-anticipated vision into a high quality, Passivhaus home.

Taking any design, style or size of building, we will incorporate all the key Passivhaus principles of our build system. Building on our extensive experience of delivering Passivhaus across the UK, we work collaboratively with you at every stage to provide valuable expertise and together, turn your design into a Passivhaus home.

As part of our technical design solution we will integrate your designs into our patented build system, generating 3D designs, which enable your client to either manufacture the system themselves or for our team to undertake and manufacture in our factory. We carry out the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) on every project to ensure your design will reach Passivhaus standards. We also undertake structural engineers' calculations and building regulations for the structure.

Passivhaus for property developers

Flexible Build Solution

Our innovative build system provides a range of delivery options for your clients, providing complete flexibility depending on their desired level of input:

  • Client builds themselves - your client or their contractor can attend our comprehensive, hands-on Training Academy to learn all of the elements required to build the Beattie Passive system onsite
  • Beattie Passive delivers - the Beattie Passive team will manufacture offsite and then deliver and erect the Structural Thermal Envelope for your client, providing peace of mind and increased speed of delivery
  • Flying Factory - for larger volume developments we offer our Flying Factory option that provides clients (or their contractors) with the ability to manufacture the Beattie Passive Structures in their own dedicated Passivhaus Factory on or close to the site

Quality as Standard

We inspect and performance test every Beattie Passive house to ensure the highest standards of construction are maintained. We carry out stringent air tightness, thermal imaging and sound migration tests following structural completion and only upon reaching the design standard, will we issue a quality assurance certificate. We test at the right time, every time, ensuring zero performance gap and guaranteeing that what you have designed has been delivered.

Working with us - key benefits:

  • Collaborative partnership between Beattie Passive and Architect / Client
  • Flexible design & construction options
  • High quality build
  • Reduced cost & time to build
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Reduced noise migration
  • Full testing certification for each build
  • LABC registered systems approval
  • Complete Passivhaus Build System certified by the Passivhaus Institute

Professional Training and Advice

If you are interested in Passivhaus and would like to find out how to achieve this standard easily for your clients, we can help by providing an overview of the benefits of both Passivhaus and the Beattie Passive Build System.

We offer sessions both at our offices in Norfolk or we can visit you, so contact us today.

Talk to Beattie Passive today - experts in all things Passivhaus

Hear from Architects we work with:

Ian Bramwell, Mole Architects
"We have been very impressed with the high quality of construction and the delivered house exceeded our expectations on Passivhaus standards. It has been a pleasure to work with the team at Beattie Passive as they are willing to share information and their developed 3D models which work easily in conjunction with our designs. Overall it's been a great experience in Passivhaus projects and one we look forward to repeating in the near future."
» Self build project in Waxham, Norfolk

Tim Christie RIBA
"The system has proved to be very flexible, and has not compromised the initial design, allowing large spans, large openings, cantilevered construction and ceiling lines to follow the pitch of the roof. The Beattie package includes a detailed three-dimensional structural computer model and with BIM technology allows a quick and accurate method of creating off-site building elements, and once delivered can then be quickly erected on site, eliminating construction waste."
» Bespoke project in Cambridgeshire

Sarah Wigglesworth Architects
"The site tour was interesting and engaging – it was great to hear about the Beattie Passive system from a first-hand perspective. We all left wanting to build our own homes and feeling inspired that high performance sustainable buildings are being delivered in a simple and cost effective way."
» Self build project in Clapham, South London

Talk to Beattie Passive today - experts in all things Passivhaus

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Recent Passive House projects


Recent Passive House projects


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