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Volumetric Modular

Beattie Passive’s Volumetric Modular

Beattie Passive's Volumetric Modular offering retains the high quality that we are known for whilst delivering complete offsite modules that greatly increase the speed of delivery.

Who is it for?

The Volumetric Modular offering is for Councils, Housing Associations and Developers as well as those looking for a flexible and fast build system that still boasts the high quality and Passivhaus performance of a Beattie Passive Build.

The pods can be used in a range of situations as they can be both permanent and relocatable. From traditional housing and apartments through to housing for vulnerable or homeless people, bedroom and bathroom extensions, among many other options, the pods provide a flexible solution to your current housing needs.

What are the benefits?

On top of all the benefits you get with the Beattie Passive system:

  • Fast efficient construction method that reduces the risks and prelims associated with onsite works
  • Adaptable system that enables you to choose the size and layouts of the pods to suit your housing requirements
  • Pop-up Housing - ability to relocate the pods if needed

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Recent Passive House projects


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  • Weston Build Aces the Prelims Posted on Wednesday 15th August, 2018

    Our rather amazing Weston Build home, in Norfolk has just passed its preliminary air test with an amazing 0.33ach/hm3@50Pa! This test result should be bettered when all the works are complete and the final test undertaken.  

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