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High Quality Product Performance

The Beattie Passive system achieves superior levels of energy efficiency compared with both traditional and existing modern methods of construction. Beattie Passive carries out testing on each building to guarantee the performance of:

Cavity Insulation

Cavity insulation is applied on-site by skilled installers to guarantee the delivery of a continuous insulated building that is tested by thermal imaging.

Air Tightness

Beattie Passive's design methodology details each junction for air tightness and achieves levels as low as 0.50m3/hm2 (@50pa).


Particularly important for terraced houses and apartment buildings, the independent party wall and ceiling designs give high levels of sound proofing up to 65db. Sound and impact testing is carried out on each build.

Fire Resistance

The insulation material used to fill the continuous void exceeds all build requirements and is flame retardant. In addition, the building is clad with non-combustible material.


A U-value is the measurement of heat transfer through a given building, which is particularly important in achieving the desired energy efficiency levels of Passivhaus certification. All our walls, floor and roof construction details have been tested and certified by the Passivhaus Institute in Germany. The better the insulation, the lower the value.

Convection Looping

Convection looping occurs when warm air from the inside hits the cold air on the outside of a building. It rises and convects, pulling more warm air to the outside. Causes include: cold bridges between timber studs and at junctions on walls, floors and roofs; gaps between insulation at abutments; poorly fitted insulation in cavities.

The negative effect of convection looping can lead to:

  • Reduced U-value performance
  • Increased heating requirements
  • Increased CO2 emissions
  • Distorted SAP calculations

Beattie Passive's build system overcomes any issue with convection looping due to its continuous insulation seal. No gaps, no looping, no loss.

“Just a 3mm gap in your insulation or joints will alter U-values by 159%”


Recent Passive House projects


Recent Passive House projects


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