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The Beattie Passive System

The Beattie Passive Build System is a patented construction method that provides a continuous insulation seal around the core of a timber framed structure.

Beattie Passive HouseUsing Passivhaus energy efficiency principles, the continuous insulation system is housed within a treated timber structure which delivers dramatic cost, time and environmental benefits.

Traditional construction methods involve numerous joints between floors, walls and roofs and each joint will experience inevitable heat and air loss leading to increased energy requirements.

To overcome these issues and offer the energy efficiency values of a Passivhaus, the Beattie Passive system delivers a construction forming foundation beams, ground floor, walls and roof all built to form a continuous void. Once in place, flame retardant insulation material is injected into the floor, wall and ceiling cavities, creating one continuous seal. No joints, no leaks.

Passivhaus Plus - Testing

As part of every build, Beattie Passive carries out testing on elements such as air tightness, sound migration, cavity insulation and U-values. These tests are performed at crucial stages of the build process to ensure construction methods are optimised, and any minor defaults can be rectified with minimal disruption and cost to the overall build. Through these ongoing and stringent testing procedures, each Beattie Passive build assures the highest level of construction to meet the requirements for final Passivhaus certification.


Recent Passive House projects


Recent Passive House projects


Beattie Passive Training Academy


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