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Passivhaus for less than your current build costs

Passivhaus builds are generally more expensive to build due to the complexity of the construction detailing and the rigorous air tightness requirements.  As the only UK Company to be a Passivhaus certified complete build system, Beattie Passive dramatically reduces the build cost due to the simple structural detailing for walls, floor, ceilings and roofs.

Full design flexibility – any building, any shape

Our design team will incorporate any design, shape or style of architectural drawings into our 3D modelling system and deliver a custom made package incorporating all the key Passivhaus values of our build system to you.

90% reduction in heating requirements

Add MVHR and quality windows to a Beattie Passive structure and you will reduce your heating requirements by up to 90%.

CO2 emissions can be cut by as much as 100%

By using the Beattie Passive structure, MVHR and photovoltaic cells together you can achieve 100% reduction in CO2 emissions.

Higher levels of fire safety, sound-proofing, thermal efficiency and air tightness

Existing Building Regulations | Beattie Passive
Fire Safety: 1 hour | 2 hour fire protection between dwellings
Sound- proofing: 52 db | 67 db sound between dwellings
Thermal Efficiency/U-values: 0.28 | 0.11
Air tightness: 0.10 | 0.09 and below

Fast on-site and off-site erection

The simplicity of the system allows for fast on-site erection.  Beattie Passive is designed to be locally manufactured at any location using readily available materials and therefore does not have an extended lead-in time for procurement as a factory manufactured system.

Minimal on-site material wastage

The use of our bespoke 3D modelling design allows all materials to be measured to within a 1mm which greatly reduces on-site waste as well as over-ordering of materials.

Only semi-skilled labour required for erection

Our method of construction offers an easy to assemble frame-link build system. Working from assembly drawings, each member is coded to its attachment member allowing just semi-skilled labour to be employed. Beattie Passive's unique spacing template eradicates all on-site measurement errors.

Sustainable materials from a fully certified supply chain

All materials used are from a fully certified supply chain.

Easier inspection as all structural elements are open

• All structural joints open to inspection

• Only one inspection to see all structural joints and fixing on completion of structural build

• Will not pass independent thermal, air tightness and sound tests unless properly constructed and insulated

• Building control officers  can study 3D drawings before arrival on site, thus speeding up the time and frequency of visits

Testing information

We inspect and independently performance test every Beattie Passive house to ensure the highest standards of construction are maintained. We carry out stringent air tightness, thermal imaging and sound migration tests following structural completion and only upon reaching the design standard, will we issue a quality assurance certificate. We test at the right time, every time.

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Recent Passive House projects


Recent Passive House projects


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  • Flying Factory Grand Opening Posted on Tuesday 19th September, 2017

    The Beattie Passive Flying Factory was officially opened on Monday September 18th, by Mr Richard Bacon MP. Groups were taken around the site by Ron Beattie, to show them how the factory works. To find out more about the Flying Factory, give us a call on 08456 449003 or email at

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